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Get your FREE Fun Food Holidays E-Book

Get your FREE Fun Food Holidays E-Book

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With this 12 holiday booklet, your family will bond while sharing fun holidays like "Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day" and "Picnic Day"! Times of family bonding build connections which allow parents to build into their children important values and memories that will help sustain them as they face life's challenges.

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You Can Lower Holiday Stress

While Getting Back To Where Christmas Begins!

When you use Cradle for the King, you will instill your family values, Godly values, into your kids using positive reinforcement.

  • Cradle for the King is an uplifting tradition that strengthens the family bond, teaches Christian values, and underscores the meaning of Christmas.
  • Through the book included in the set, children witness a family who joyfully exhibits the spiritual gifts in Galatians 5:22-23.
  • By using positive reinforcement and connection during the season and acknowledging your children's good deeds, you turn a stressful time into a more peaceful and blessed occasion.

For only $54.97 you will have a tool that will last many, many Christmases!

The benefits will last a lifetime!


As the author, I wanted to share our experience! We set up our Cradle in mid November and read the book frequently throughout the season. Closer to December, my kiddo got really serious about wanting to make sure baby Jesus had a soft place to sleep. There definitely was a change in behavior, but I love that the change wasn’t with the expectation of a physical reward - the reward was making Jesus happy and blessing others. He was very excited to see the baby Christmas morning. I am so glad I got to work on this project and hope it has blessed other families as well!
— Kae Lunde, author and illustrator of Cradle for the King


Reasons not to buy:

You don't like Christmas

You refuse to spend money

You think kids are just little goats

Christmas in July is hokey

An enriching, fun, easy, and connecting tradition sounds boring

It's all about the gifts you get


Reasons to buy:

You love Christmas

You want Jesus back in Christmas

You want to connect with your kids

You want to give your adult children a parenting tool you did not have

You love positive parenting

You want to teach Godly values

It’s a great exercise for families on the true meaning of Christmas!
— Steve Grcevich, child psychiatrist and President and Founder for Key Ministry

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Do you want to make Cradle for the King available to your preschool or church families? You can do that too! Use the contact form below to find out how you can get a case of twelve to share with your families.

I used this at home and in my classroom this last Christmas. It was a great experience. My little ones at home REALLY wanted to make sure there was a place for the Baby Jesus in our home on Christmas morning. They started “tattling” on each others good behavior. For once they weren’t worried about getting the most or being the best, they just wanted to see strings going into that cradle.
My class loved it to. They also were quick to say someone deserved to put a string in the cradle. I highly recommend you check this out.
— Kristin L., mother and teacher
It not only is a good story, it will be a good tradition to start with your children and grandchildren, helping to keep the meaning of Christmas in the mad rush of the season. This beautiful, meaningful process should become an ingrained tradition in all families. Go check it out!!
— Dawna L., grandmother
What a cool idea for Christmas! Keeping the focus on Christ.
— Jen R., mother
Inspiring children to do good. I love it! And I love the story.
— Scott D., father
Hey kidmin friends. It’s a very fun tradition to do with your kids. I was really impressed. You should check it out and consider buying one for your family and one as a gift for a family in your church!
— Ryan Frank, Vice President, Innovative Strategies at Awana; Chief Executive Officer at KidzMatter Magazine; and Dean at Kidmin Academy
We did this with our little ones last year and they loved it.
— Rita P., grandmother
This is a great way to start a new faith-based Christmas tradition with your child.
— Ana P., mother

Whether you want to make an impact on your family, the families in your church or the kids in your class, Cradle for the King is the tool you need. Included in the set is the book, Cradle, yarn to fill the Cradle with all your good deeds, and the plush baby Jesus doll.

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