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4 Stones Publishing

Rhythms exist all around us and each family has their own. Within this rhythm, we have our day-to-day activities, our holiday and family celebrations, our times of learning and of play. When families are purposeful in how they use their rhythms, they form tighter bonds and pass on important values. Parents are searching for traditions that are their own and help pass on family values. 4 Stones Publishing is here to help.

Our name comes from Deuteronomy 6 and Joshua 4. In Moses' instructions to the Israelites before they crossed into the promise land, he talks about 4 times in the daily life of families and how they need to constantly use that time to remind their children about who God is and what he has done. Those times are mornings, sitting together at home, traveling around town, and bedtime.  Once they crossed the Jordan, Joshua commanded the people to set up a stone for each tribe to make a monument so when children pass by and ask why those stones are there, they can be told about the great things God has done. 4 times a day we are to build reminders, the stones, into the lives of our children.

For ten years, Jon and Nikki Pinney and their children have celebrated the Christmas season using Cradle for the King. They started 4 Stones Publishing to make their treasured tradition available for parents who wanted to bring the focus back onto Christ, back to where Christmas begins. Jon has been involved in children's ministry for close to a decade. Nikki works as a psych nurse and as an educator teaching students how to be great nurses. Having lost their first daughter to infant leukemia, they developed a strong desire to impact the lives of other children and their families. Together, they have been foster parents and have adopted two children. These two love the Cradle for the King tradition almost as much as their Jon and Nikki's second biological daughter who has grown up with it. The children start asking if the Cradle has been found before Thanksgiving arrives.

They have hope, an assurance, that Cradle for the King will bring as many blessings to your family as it has to theirs. "For I know the plans I have for you...plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11