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As the author, I wanted to share our experience! We set up our Cradle in mid-November and read the book frequently throughout the season. Closer to December, my kiddo got really serious about wanting to make sure baby Jesus had a soft place to sleep. There definitely was a change in behavior, but I love that the change wasn’t with the expectation of a physical reward - the reward was making Jesus happy and blessing others. He was very excited to see the baby Christmas morning. I am so glad I got to work on this project and hope it has blessed other families as well!
— Kae Lunde, author and illustrator of Cradle for the King

Christmas time is a wonderful time, especially with young children. Their wonder at the lights, decorations, the mall Santas, the parties, Christmas lists, and time with family brings a joy to a parent's heart.

There is another side to Christmas time. There are the crowded stores and long lines, the over-stimulating noises, smells and sights on the streets and in gatherings with friends and family, the constant asking for, even demanding, things, the bickering between siblings, and the over-tired and grumpy little ones who refuse to sleep but can't keep their eyes open.

We, as parents, find it hard to connect with our children when our schedules are full amidst all the added responsibilities of the holiday season. We want this time to remind our children of the reason we celebrate. We want to instill our values into them but often have a hard time practicing them ourselves as we rush from one task to another.

Often, during "the calm after the storm", reflecting back on the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas missed opportunities glare at us, moments when our children could have learned a valuable lesson in a fun-filled way yet all they heard from us was "Stop that!" or "Be quiet!" or "Don't do that to your sister!"

Cradle for the King can help!

Life won't be perfect if you buy Cradle for the King. Children do not suddenly become the polite little angels modeled by Shirley Temple so many years ago.

Life will be better, though. Children will grow in patience and hard work and sharing and loving. The family will notice the good in each other more. There will be more smiles and laughs and memories.